Focuses on the various fields of medical researches, and aims to facilitate the clinical research and professional career development of clinical doctors.

Contributes to establish a platform for clinical data sharing and medical specialist communication.

BAAHOOO achieves its values by means of:

  • Assistance in Scientific Research (research funding application; scientific research software sharing)
  • Build Academic Community/ Academic Conference/ Academic Information

Data Retrieval Platform of BAAHOOO

Provides frequently-used data of SCI journals such as Impact Factor, ISSN, OCLC, etc.SCI Data Retrieval System of BAAHOOO

Baahooo Academy

Baahooo Academy is dedicated to share experience and skills on how to prepare and publish medical papers on SCI journals; aims to help the clinical doctors and medical researchers to solve the difficulties in medical manuscripts writing and submission. Baahooo Academy also regularly organizes various academic activities both online and offline.

Baahooo Trans-editing

A subbrand of BAAHOOO focusing on translation and manuscript editing, Aims to provide professional academic manuscript editing service for clinical doctors and medical researchers.SCI Trans-editing System of BAAHOOO

Devotes to helping clinicians and medical researchers to present their results with more precision, to reach a conclusion with more forces and eventually to publish the manuscripts in fist-class journals worldwide.

BaahoooMed is a data retrieval platform for clinical data and medical papers, and strives to become a high-end communication platform for clinical doctors and medical researchers. BaahoooMed aims to help the clinicians and medical researchers to improve the argument strength of the papers, to present the experimental results more precisely and to improve the general quality of manuscripts; eventually helps them to publish their manuscripts on high-impact journals all over the world. BaahoooMed has established strategic partnerships with several top SCI periodical presses and first-rank academic research institutions. Through these endeavors, we hope to provide the most updated information about the reviewing requirements, impact factors, author guidelines and manuscript preferences of different SCI medical journals as well as the development trends of specific research area.

Trans-editing team of BaahoooMed is led by experts with professional or educational backgrounds in different research fields, including clinical medicine, basic medicine, biology, chemistry, psychology, statistics, etc. All these experts graduated from the top universities and research institutions in US or UK, such as Harvard University, Stanford University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the University of Cambridge, etc. These experts are currently working as professors in top universities or as professional editors in SCI journals. Moreover, all these experts have abundant experience in SCI paper writing, editing and reviewing, and will for sure help our clients to better present their research findings to the reviewers.