Privacy Rights

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The information, design and trade mark are properties of BaahooMed. Reproduction for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

BAAHOOO focuses on the various fields of medical researches, and aims to facilitate the clinical research and professional career development of clinical doctors. Besides excelsior professional service, confidentiality, security and privacy protection are also our top priority.

Basic principles

  1. We respect and protect the privacy and copyright of every client.
  2. Perfect information protection process and system.
  3. Professional information encryption and cookies disposition making communications easy and safe.
  4. Personal service purchasing information,The services you purchased from Baahooo will not be recorded or displayed.

Main privacy protection process

  1. Manuscript confidentiality

    Every manuscript uploaded to BaahoooMed represents unique ideas and painstaking efforts from authors. Once the manuscript is uploaded, BaahoooMed takes the responsibility of confidentiality. A legal binding confidentiality agreement forbids the disclosure of any information (including personal information and the content of manuscript) to third party. If any information is leaked by our staffs, appropriate legal actions according to the provisions will be promptly taken.

  2. Web Security

    Baahooo uses multi-protection information protection service from Aliyun Escalate Cloud Services in China and America, Content Delivery Network (CND) and Aegis. We use 256bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for information encryption, which is the highest level of commercial information security technology to ensure the safety of personal information and the content of manuscript.

  3. Payment Security

    We use official commercial interface of Alipay, Wechat Pay and PayPal, to provide you with reliable and secure financial trading system on the Internet.


    If you want to know how to protect yourself from unauthorized payments through its 24/7 fraud monitoring, please visit

  4. Account Security

    The users are responsible for their own account information (login name, nickname and password) for BaahoooMed access, and all the activities taken by your account including but not limited to information disclosure, information posting, online-click agreement or submission of all kinds of rules agreement, online agreement renewal service purchasing, etc.).

  5. Terms of Service and Confidentiality Agreement

    Service and Confidentiality Agreement
    Service and Confidentiality Agreement

    We provide services according to the following terms and conditions, please carefully read and protect your lawful rights and interests. These terms and conditions apply to all the websites of BaahoooMed worldwide.

    Please ensure the authenticity and validity of the contact information when you purchase the services, in case of getting official communications when necessary.

    Keep your account information intact.

    Please visit the official website to purchase and receive the services to ensure information security and service tracking.

    It is our duty to protect your information security and Copyrights once you comply with the terms of service above.

    When you purchase any service, the system will automatically sign theTerms of Service and Confidentiality Agreement of BAAHOOO with you.