Quality Assurance

Focuses on the various fields of medical researches, and aims to facilitate the clinical research and professional career development of clinical doctors.

Contributes to establish a platform for clinical data sharing and medical specialist communication.

Publication Support Service

  1. SCI journal recommendation

    Submitting the manuscript to an appropriate journal is the first step of publication. Thousands of medical SCI journals with different scopes made the selection not easy. Our professional team will recommend appropriate SCI journal for our client according to the research field involved, the depth and novelty of research design, the target SCI journal of our client, the funding support, etc..

  2. Editing service provided by our professional Experts

    1)Plagiarism Checking

    By virtue of an international anti-plagiarism literature detection system, duplicates concerned with characters and charts are strictly screened; for all detected duplications, our experts will do further modifications to make sure the duplication rate is low than 1% and maintain close communication with clients when needed.

    2)Assessment for all edited manuscripts

    We ensure that each manuscript will get constructive suggestions from peer experts, including reasonability of experimental design, professionalism of charts and figures, formality of references, appropriateness of statistical analysis and description, strictness of structure, validity of the argument and matching degree of edited manuscripts and the selected SCI journal.

Language Polishing Service

A native-English-speaking expert proficient in the same research field is primarily responsible for the polishing of manuscript before a final proofreading from a professional editor, who has been engaged in editing medical papers with extensive experience in the corresponding research disciplines.

  1. All the statements tending to result in ambiguity or expressed vaguely will be improved; all grammatical mistakes will be corrected, including the spelling and punctuation and appropriate words and phrasings will be recommended.

  2. Our experts guarantee all edited manuscripts be read as smooth, clear and professional as those written by a native English speaker.

Translation & Language Polishing Service

  1. A senior translator proficient in the same research field is responsible for the translation.

  2. A native English speaker proficient in the same research field is responsible for the first round of polishing.

  3. A professional editor with extensive experience in medical paper editing will provide the final proofreading.

Formatting Service

We ensure our edited manuscripts meet the strictest formatting standard and guidelines of the target SCI journals.

Trans-editing of Baahooo launches Formatting Service, which provides full service in manuscript layout, text formatting, titles, front page, graphs inserting and quotes/references check, and helps your manuscript overcome barriers in the review process.

  1. Manuscript layout and paragraph formatting (e.g. title page, abstract, introduction, methods, results, font size, line spacing, multi-level headings, bold and italic, etc.)

  2. Reference formatting and modification.

  3. Table formatting

  4. Figure formatting

Cover&rebuttal letter

We draft an appropriate cover letter or rebuttal letter in strict accordance with the contents of the paper, making the cover letter or rebuttal letter fully meet the submission requirements of target journal.

Sample of Editorial Certificate of BAAHOOO
Sample of Editorial Certificate of BAAHOOO

The proofed manuscripts that meet the publish standards of target journals will be provided with an Editorial Certificate of BaahoooMed, proving that your manuscript is edited and polished by Baahooo Trans-editing Audit Committee. With an Editorial Certificate of Baahooo, the reviewer will be convinced that your manuscript has met the publication language requirement.